Companies manipulate you

Colors aren’t just nice to see and to use, but they actually affect our mood and state of mind up to a certain point. Colors influence us without us being aware of it. It has to do with our brain which sends certain specific signals when seeing a specific color.


you can compare it to walking passed a bakery with or a pizza place, the smell of the freshly baked bread of pizza will make you stomach grumble, even if you just ate. Your brain picks up the smell and automatically makes you feel hungry. Colors have a similar effect on our brain but instead of feeling hungry, you will experience certain emotions. It is very subtle so many people aren’t aware of the fact that something is subconsciously influencing them.


How colors influence your mood and state of mind


Green makes people feel deeply peaceful and balanced without going too far though. Green is the color found in nature, a green wall in your room makes it look fresh, clean and tidy. It also tends to make busy people who like to do everything at ounce quiet and peaceful. It helps them slow down a bit and get the rest they need in their mind.


The color red stands for passion and energy because it is a stimulating color which wakes you up and makes you want to do things. On the other hand it is a very bad idea to paint a wall red in your bedroom as it will affect your mood when you’re trying to rest, it will make you restless at times when you need to slow down and take it easy. Too much red can even cause aggression, hate and make you want to eat.



Blue is a color which has a calming effect and which makes people think rationally, it also helps people move on and learn. Blue also stimulates people’s creativity when it comes to being artistic.


Yellow is a positive color which helps people feel better and happier, even if the person doesn’t really like the color itself. It makes people feel optimistic and free from restrains. Using yellow to paint a wall or a room seems to affect your mind in a positive way.



When you are surrounded by too much purple you will get overwhelmed by a feeling of unhappiness which can turn into being disappointed and annoyed with your surroundings. People who like to have a lot of purple around them are often arrogant and self absorbed.



Companies use colors as a form of mind control

Many people don’t believe that colors affect their mood even though it is a proven fact. There have been many researches done on this topic. Most companies use this information to their advantage in order to attract people to certain places and to make them feel certain emotions when looking at certain products without being aware of it. If you still hesitate, all you need to do is take a look at your surroundings when you walk down the streets in the city. You will notice that restaurants usually use red and yellow to make you feel hungry and energetic. On the other hand the colors gray and purple will rarely be used on food products. Food packaging is usually red, white or green. This logic also applies when it comes to car dealers and car sale companies. If you take a closer look at their advertisements, you will notice that usually black, red and gray cars are used instead of bright colors like pink, green or blue. That’s because these colors look cleaner and more professional which affects the customers in a positive way.

Companies use psychological tricks as a form of mind control

The sale tricks go way further than simply using certain colors, there are many extended studies which show what customers look at, and how people’s brain work. That scientific knowledge is made available and is used by big firms. They use these type of tricks to take advantage of people’s weaknesses and emotions to achieve the result that they are looking for. For instance in the grocery store: the products at your eye height are the products that the store wants to sell first because they make the most profit off those. The ones at the top or the bottom are the ones that they want to sell last because they make less profit off those. They do this because they know that people usually don’t look further then the middle section, many don’t like to bend to have a look at an item or can’t read the tags properly. Beside the placement of products, stores also use light to their advantage. By placing lights at certain spots and leave some in the dark emphasizes certain items more than others. Customers will unconsciously be drawn to these spots  because of the lighting. Last but not least, some bakeries and restaurants use steam machines which produces a freshly baked smell in its surroundings making customers think that they’re buying freshly baked products when they actually aren’t.

Sell car for cash using the company’s tricks

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