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Selling your used car the old fashioned way is no longer an option

You probably remember your grandparents saying things like ” back in the days things used to be a lot easier” and so on, it sounds strange to our generation because we can’t imagine living a  life without computers and all the technology surrounding us. This new era also deeply affects people who want to sell a used car.

Our grandparents would simply put up a “used car for sale” sign on the window of their used car and hope for a phone call from a potential car dealer within a couple of days. Nowadays it doesn’t work that way anymore. People no longer look at “car for sale” signs along the road. Everything goes through Internet advertisement, so if you’re in the same boat trying to get rid of your used car for a reasonable price then you definitely need to know your way around on the web.

Selling your car the old fashioned way  is no longer an option

Internet completely rules our daily lives in almost any aspect: in the office at work, after work as a form of distraction, to keep the children quiet so that mom can do the dishes, for the teenagers to do research to do their homework, to apply for work and so on. There’ s simply no limit to what we use internet for. It is considered normal to have more cyber friends than real ones and you can do most of your shopping online. Shopping for a car is the same in this case, or selling your used car: we do it online. The car sale market is unbelievably huge meaning that it needs structure in order to make any form of car sale possible, whether you are trying to sell your used car to a dealer or to sell your new car to a private car buyer. This means that in order to sell your car online you need to more than just put up an add on some random website. It is important to know exactly where to advertise so that you can attract the right viewers, in other words to attract serious potential buyers such as official car dealers.

Selling a car to the right buyer

How do you stand out between the thousands of adds online? And even if you manage to stand out, how do you make sure to get the right buyer for your car and not some scammer? That’s the hardest part. First of all never do any business with so called car dealers who want to export your car and pay you with a cheque, these are usually cheques that bounce. When you have a cheque that bounces you either don’ t receive any money at all in the first place when you try to cash it, or you get the money transferred into your account and a couple of weeks later the money gets deducted from your account because the cheque bounced. Either way you won’ t get the money you should have received. Secondly always be very careful with any buyers abroad, those are usually scammers too in one way or the other. so try to keep the sale local and make sure the car buyer pays you cash to be sure you’re not getting ripped off.

Sell car to an official car buying website

The safest way to go about this is by selling your car to the car sell website sellingthecar.com because they work with more than 3.500 trustworthy car dealers all over the United States, once you’ve uploaded your car details we will contact you within 48 hours with an offer from an official car buyer who will pay cash for the car upon the day of key exchange.




Sell your car to buy a flying ride?

This may sound ridiculous to some people, but when you think about it it actually makes a lot of sense: why aren’t there any flying cars yet? After all with all the technology that is available nowadays it doesn’t look that difficult, don’t you agree?

Sell your car to car to buy a flying car

If you ever watched the popular movie Back to the Future with Marty McFly then you know that back then they all thought that we’d be driving high-tech flying cars by now and that the streets would be filled with “car for sale” signs on Oldschool vehicles because nobody would want to drive those anymore. Strange enough we do have the technology to achieve that, take for example a look at ‘Maglev’ trains, they work like reversed magnets creating a force that moves t trains and gives them a source of energy. Even in the U.S. army they already have such advanced technology that they are able to use microwave weapons and have planes whose speed is comparable with the speed of a sci-fi U.F.O. Which means that we definitely have the means to create flying vehicles. So how come that we haven’t seen any yet? How awesome would it be to sell your used car to buy an amazing flying ride? That would be like a little boy’s dream turning into reality.

Buy a car that flies across the sky instead of a fuel-consuming Oldtimer

We’ve just established that the technology to build flying cars is available, it has been proved by scientists and have actually already been built! The only reason that they don’t get sold just yet is because that this kind of technology is unaffordable for the common people. Take plasma screens for example, many people think that they are quite new but they actually exist for a very long time, they were invented for space travel and first used in space because they were small and light making it ideal for astronauts to use in space. Back then they were way too expensive for people to be sold in stores just yet. they waited for the technology to be less expensive so that common people could afford it to have in their homes. That logic also applies to flying cars: they exist, have been tested but are simply too new to be affordable for normal families. Beside the price problem there also are many other reasons why that kind of transportation can’t be sold yet: imagine what would need to be changed in our everyday life to make it possible, for instance the laws that would need to be changed in order to keep traffic safe. We would need air-police, some sort of sky roads and traffic lights, and what if an accident were to happen? So many things would need to be changed to make this possible, it wouldn’t be worth it if only an elite amount of people could afford those cars, they aren’t going to make such huge changes for those few people.

How would such a drastic change impact the world economy?

What would happen if every American would put up “car for sale” signs on their old car and would buy the newest flying car instead? It isn’t as simple as most people think because it would affect a whole chain of people and companies all over the world in all sectors. that would also mean drastic changes for the world economy. To whom will you sell your old car if everyone wants to go over to flying cars? There won’t be any buyers for your old car then, so the majority of them would have to be destroyed causing a huge pile of garbage filled of chemicals, scrap metal and so on. What would we do with all that garbage? It definitely won’t disappear into thin air. And if no one buys old cars then how will most people get enough money to be able to afford the new flying car? Besides that society will need new technicians and garage’s that can repair the new type of vehicles, there will have to be schools to train those technicians which also leads to finding the right teachers, classes and so on. There will be a strong need for strict regulations to make air traffic safe for everyone, all those things contribute to the fact that this wouldn’t be an easy task to perform on a world scale, which also comes at a very high price. Yet it is a possibility for the future, who knows where humanity is headed towards? If someone would have told my grandfather 40 years ago that he would own a USB stick and a touch screen phone he would have laughed like a madman thinking that you’re insane, that’s how most people think about flying cars in our modern society when it actually is something quite plausible.